4 Things to Consider Before Eyelid Lift Surgery

Posted on: May 16, 2019

If your eyelids are sagging and your eyes look tired, an eyelid lift might be in order. This surgery tightens sagging skin, reduces puffiness and smooths wrinkles, leaving people with a more youthful and vibrant look.

What to consider before an eyelid lift

Before undergoing this surgery, there are four things you need to consider.

1. Types of eyelift surgery

Many people do not realize there are three types of eyelift surgery. People should consider the type of surgery they want.

Upper eyelift surgery is used when sagging skin makes it difficult for the person to see. It improves vision loss while reducing the signs of aging. Because it has a functional as well as cosmetic purpose, this type of eyelid lift is sometimes covered by insurance.

Lower eyelid surgery corrects bagginess under the eyes and removes wrinkles, while double eyelid surgery removes excess skins and wrinkles on the upper and lower eyelids.

2. Recovery is typically quick

An eyelid lift is an outpatient surgery with a fast recovery. People have some swelling and bruising when they go home, but that is usually gone within two to three days. Patients can use ice and topical lubricants to alleviate the symptoms.

The sutures are removed within the first five days and people can wear makeup by the sixth day. However, patients do have some restrictions immediately after surgery. They should not engage in any heavy lifting or strenuous activity for the first month and need to receive approval from the surgeon before operating a motor vehicle. It is also important that patients protect their eyelids from the sun and wind for several weeks following the procedure.

3. It can take up to six months to see the full results

Patients should not expect to see the full results immediately following surgery. The surgical site needs to heal. While most people do not notice any symptoms after the first few days, the tissue is still healing, and it can take six months to see the full results.

However, most people notice an improvement in the look of their eyelids within the first week. Then, they notice their eyelids looking better and better during the following months.

4. People have control over the long-term results

An eyelid lift provides long-term results as long as people take care of their eyelids. People can ensure the results last for the long term by using sunscreen so that they do not damage their skin. They should also eat healthy foods and avoid smoking cigarettes.

People can also maintain the results of the surgery by undergoing nonsurgical treatments such as Botox injections. These treatments are a way to touch up the area around the eyes, so the results last longer.

Are you considering eyelift surgery?

If you want to restore your youthful appearance, an eyelift surgery might be the right choice. Begin the process by contacting a plastic surgeon. Go through the consultation, where the surgeon will explain what you can expect from the plastic surgery. Then, you can schedule your surgery and shave years off your appearance.

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