How Microdermabrasion Can Help You to Look Younger

Posted on: September 4, 2018

If you have blemishes, fine lines, uneven pigmentation and wrinkles on your face or you feel as though you are aging prematurely, microdermabrasion can help. Skin texture issues, clogged pores, acne scars, sun damage and age spots can all dampen a person’s confidence and cause insecurities. This non-invasive, non-chemical solution can treat these skin imperfections and provide a rejuvenated and cosmetically pleasing result.

Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to gently buff away the thick, dry and uneven outer layer of skin on the face while vacuum suction smooths away any roughness. Due to the small nature of the buffing crystals, the polishing action is a painless experience and leaves little redness and swelling. The process exposes a new, fresh layer of skin. In addition to improving a person’s overall facial complexion, resulting in a more youthful appearance, gentle mechanical abrasion techniques have other benefits as well.

Benefits of microdermabrasion

#1 Facilitates more moisturized skin

Skin that is covered in dead skin cells and fine lines may not be retaining moisture as well as it should. Once dermabrasion takes place, the skin will be smoother and more open to absorbing moisturizers and maintaining natural nourishing facial oils.

#2 Clears away acne

Dermabrasion unclogs pores and clears the face of small zits and blackheads, but the acne elimination does not stop there. Once the dry outer skin layer is removed, it leaves the pores open to direct contact with cleansing products to ensure skin keeps the optimal level of natural oils without becoming too greasy.

#3 Reduces inflammation

The abrasion process improves circulation and brings more nutritive blood flow to the face. Better circulation equals better health. Enhanced blood flow also helps the skin avoid inflammation that causes puffiness and redness. With better circulation comes more oxygen which keeps the skin young and wrinkle-free.

#4 Prevents the development of wrinkles

Many people wait until they have a multitude of noticeable wrinkles before they seek out a treatment to reduce them. While laser and chemical peels are a good option for wrinkles that have already become popular, receiving microdermabrasion periodically may help keep wrinkles at bay for longer and help people avoid more intensive treatments. In addition to being less invasive than these other options, microdermabrasion requires a shorter, minimal recovery time.

#5 Helps makeup look more natural

Once skin is successfully exfoliated and smooth, makeup may not even be needed. If one chooses to wear makeup anyway, the makeup with go on much more smoothly and stay in place more effectively, creating a natural look. As an additional benefit, it may help sunscreen sink into the skin more effectively offering more protection.

This is an ideal solution

Gentle dermabrasion is an excellent option to consider for a non-invasive treatment that delivers beautiful results. Without the need for medication or time off work, this procedure requires no sacrifice and it can even be performed once a month to keep skin in the best condition possible. To learn more about getting microdermabrasion, call our office and set up an appointment today.

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