What Are Rhinoplasty Procedure Options?

Posted on: May 2, 2019

rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery used to reshape the nose. This surgery can fix various imperfections and make the nose more proportionate to the face. The idea is to make the new nose look natural so that people do not realize that you had nose surgery. Surgeons have three procedure options they can consider before performing nose surgery.

Open rhinoplasty

During the open rhinoplasty surgery, the plastic surgeon makes an incision between the nostrils. The small incision provides the surgeon with easy access to the entire nasal structure, making it a good choice for people who require extensive reshaping during the surgery.

Since the incision is hidden in the nose’s natural contours, the scars are well hidden.

Closed rhinoplasty

Patients who only need minor adjustments are good candidates for closed rhinoplasty surgery. The surgeon makes small incisions inside the patient’s nostril. Because the incision is made inside the nostril, the scars are not visible.


A triplasty is the third option. But unlike the other two, this does not refer to the placement of the incision. Instead, the triplasty technique is used when the surgeon only needs to reshape the tip of the nose. Both open and closed rhinoplasty techniques can be used for this surgery. The surgeon will consider how much work needs to be done and then choose an incision type.

How the surgery works

While surgeons use different techniques for patients, they still follow the same steps during the procedure. Patients who go over the steps know what to expect prior to getting nose surgery.

Step 1 — anesthesia

Regardless of the technique, each patient must undergo anesthesia. Both general anesthesia and IV sedation are available. The surgeon makes the selection based on the patient's needs.

Step 2 — incision

Next, the surgeon makes the incision. The surgeon chooses the open or closed incision method. This should have already been discussed with the patient before the surgery so that there will not be any surprises after the procedure is finished.

Step 3 — surgery

The surgeon starts the process of reshaping the nose. If the nose is larger than the patient would like, the surgeon will remove cartilage or bone. Cartilage can also be added to the nose with the help of cartilage grafts. The cartilage can come from the septum or ear. In rare cases, cartilage from the rib is used.

For many patients, this is the only step that is required. Some patients also have a deviated septum, though. Surgeons also fix the deviated septum during the procedure.

Step 4 — close the incision

Finally, the surgeon drapes the tissue and closes the incision. Each incision is strategically placed to hide it from view.

Choosing a rhinoplasty procedure option

You might feel overwhelmed at the idea of choosing a rhinoplasty procedure, but it is easy when you get help from a plastic surgeon. Let the surgeon guide you, so you can choose the procedure that will allow you to get the results you want.

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