What is a Thigh Lift Surgery?

Posted on: December 16, 2018

A thigh lift is a great way to achieve more attractive thighs with smoother, thinner skin. Especially when other forms of achieving better thighs have not worked.

By understanding exactly what a thigh lift is and who it is for, you can determine whether or not the procedure is right for you.

Thigh lift surgery

There are numerous benefits to thigh lift surgery. It can leave patients with smoother, more attractive thighs that they can truly be proud of.

The following is everything to know about thigh lift surgery before agreeing to treatment.

What is a thigh lift?

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing and reducing excess skin and fat to help patients achieve smoother, more attractive thighs.

A weight loss plan is enough for some to lose unwanted weight in the thigh area. But, the fact of the matter is more invasive treatments are sometimes required to accomplish a body that one can truly be proud of.

Everyone deserves a body they can truly be proud of. For many, a thigh lift is a way to gain lost confidence due to thighs they may have viewed as unattractive before the thigh lift surgery.

Who is a candidate for a thigh lift?

It is often best recommended to try other tactics to achieve better thighs. Try a weight loss and fitness program, as they are often less expensive and the results are very similar.

However, those who are unable to achieve the results they desire through exercise – or those who are unable to exercise consistently – may find a thigh lift to be a much more convenient option.

It is also important for the patient to be in good overall health. Most importantly, a thigh lift should be done for the person’s own individual happiness, rather than to please a spouse.

How does the process work?

The procedure is fairly simple for most plastic surgeons, and it can be completed in one procedure.

After anesthesia is administered, an incision is made into the thighs and excess fat and skin are removed. The exact placement of the incision varies, but the surgeon and the patient agree upon the exact placement of incision before the procedure begins.

After the fat and skin are removed, the procedure is over. But, a routine checkup is often required to ensure the patient is happy with the results and there are not any complications.

Is thigh lift surgery safe?

Although it does require surgery, a thigh lift is safe for the patient and is a very low-risk surgery. The procedure does not take long to complete, and the pain is tolerable in the moments after the surgery is over.

However, it is important for the patient to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the surgeon after the surgery is over in order to ensure a quick recovery is made. If at any point any complications occur during the recovery process, be sure to seek medical assistance right away to ensure problems do not worsen or last for longer than necessary.

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